moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

moLotus Enabled Digital Disruption: Opening-up New Revenue and Investment Opportunities

Media, advertising and marketing has seen huge innovation and disruption by online and social platforms. Relatively direct marketing has had no innovation, thus the space is ripe for disruption – moLotus with its breakthrough tech and platform is targeting this $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity. (Source: Statista). In addition to $350 Billion, the platform also targets the emerging 1.3 Trillion Digitalization opportunities together with 5G plus Transformation. (Source: Ericsson & Arthur D. Little)

The advent of moLotus has led to the creation of new revenue streams for telcos by synergizing the subscriber base with mobile networks and B2B sales teams, thereby creating both ARPU and B2B revenue along with high margin growth. The platform has come to the rescue of Telcos challenged by OTT entrants which have been cannibalizing the telco services. With moLotus has come the unique subscriber data monetization opportunity for the operators leading to the maximization of top-line and bottom-line revenues. It is significantly cutting down headcounts in call centre processes; saving training, compliance, printing and distribution costs. For operators, moLotus is providing a unique way to tap into the global direct marketing spend while leveraging their existing infrastructure together with enterprise and mobility assets.

The breakthrough platform is capable of delivering hyper-personalized, interactive and rich media/video mobile messages directly to their customers’ phones without dependency on any app download or data. What’s more exciting is that these spam-free, works-on-all-kinds-of-phones messages come with multiple response options, quickly establishing a two-way brand-to-customer dialogue.

moLotus has introduced new revenue models for advertisers. It not only provides video delivery and interaction but also assists in exposure & awareness, customer acquisition, retention, rewards & loyalty, upselling, cross-selling, lead generation, direct sales and more leading to better marketing ROI for advertisers. The platform is capable of scaling revenue and performance for advertisers through easy campaign creation and management, response management, data reports & analytics, transformation and automation API.

The globally scalable platform has attracted marquee brands in a wide variety of markets namely in banking, finance, insurance, retail, automotive, consumer and even in the government sectors. It has collaborated with brands like Samsung, Dell, Panasonic, Bank, CIMB, TM, AIG, Prudential BSN, Proton, etc.; and telcos including Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, etc. actively extending reach & scalability, improving conversions & sales, reducing costs, and creating rich revenue streams for them. With the current Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the pace of digital disruption, moLotus is further poised to act as a catalyst for brands and operators to transform their processes.

Using powerful Automation API for real-time event-based interaction, and features like customer onboarding, mobile document delivery, submission, etc. moLotus drives breakthrough transformation and innovation. For instance, banks can use balance transfer flow and mechanics to improve conversion speed and rates, scale campaigns, reduce customer intrusion and telemarketing costs. Insurance companies can use these capabilities for renewals (better conversion at lower cost), fast document collection, interactive underwriting and more.

Undeniably, moLotus powered digital disruption has transformed the businesses; securing new high margin revenues streams at minimum costs; with the average revenue per user (ARPUs) showing signs of remarkable improvement.

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