moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

How Vietnamese Telcos Can Double Their Revenues

Vietnam’s Telecom Market is on a dynamic growth trajectory, with digital advertising spend rising to USD 1.15 billion in 2022 with a Year-on-Year change of 18.5%. Fueled by the National Digital Transformation Program, 5G network expansion, robust mobile penetration (145.8 million connections), and infrastructure enhancements, the telecom sector is set for a remarkable journey ahead….

moLotus opens-up Multi-Billion Dollar Revenues for Telcos

Singapore-based mobile technology leader, Novosol, is making waves in the telecom industry, creating new revenue opportunities for Telcos in a quick span of three months via its breakthrough moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform – a GSM-based technology which reaches out directly to the inbox of all mobile handsets irrespective of phone type or model;…

Election Brings Vast Revenue Opportunity To Telcos

With Indonesia going to the polls in 2024, political parties are gearing up to win the voters. Telcos in Indonesia are preparing to play a crucial role in the election, providing vital communication services to political parties, candidates, and voters. One innovative technology that could prove to be a game-changer in the 2024 election is…

Innovative Real Mobile Advertising via moLotus

Mobile advertising is undergoing a complete makeover. It’s not just about reaching as many consumers as possible, rather it’s about reaching the right audience at the right time and making large high-margin revenues, higher Customer Lifetime Value, and ARPU. The best way to do this is by switching over to a proven real mobile advertising platform….

moLotus Enabled Digital Disruption: Opening-up New Revenue and Investment Opportunities

Media, advertising and marketing has seen huge innovation and disruption by online and social platforms. Relatively direct marketing has had no innovation, thus the space is ripe for disruption – moLotus with its breakthrough tech and platform is targeting this $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity. (Source: Statista). In addition to $350 Billion, the platform also…

moLotus Advertising better than Digital Advertising!!!

Aiming towards digital transformation and superior customer engagement, moLotus advertising has surpassed digital advertising, with its unique capabilities. It has made immediate revenue generation a reality by delivering personalized rich media messages to existing customers via upselling, cross-selling & loyalty campaigns. For brands relying upon platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. immediate revenue generation stands a distant…