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moLotus unlocks massive Mobile Advertising Revenue and Gains from 2024 Indonesia Election

Novosol, a mobile tech and advertising multinational has expanded its win-win partnerships with Asian telcos for leveraging the growing Global Advertising Spend USD 823 Billion (Source:Statista). Only the Indonesian Advertising Spend is IDR 259 Trillion (USD 18.5 Billion by source Neilson) that creates a big revenue opportunity for Indonesian telcos.

moLotus – a breakthrough mobile video customer interaction platform – in collaboration with top telcos has run campaigns of the global brands like Standard Chartered, Panasonic, Dell, Samsung, HDFC Bank, L’Oreal, and other verticals including Banks, Insurance, E-commerce, Automobile, Retail, Government Sector and more. Overall, moLotus has multiplied its capacity in 2023. moLotus now live in Indonesia with a current reach of over 100 million subscribers is bringing unparalleled features and benefits to businesses across the nation.

It is the only GSM-based, video interaction, big data platform that delivers 40 second HQ videos to all phones – Android, iPhones and old Feature phones while allowing for rich interactions and responses. Using moLotus, brands can benefit from higher ROI and larger scale.

The upcoming Indonesia election 2024 has a large revenue opportunity estimated at IDR 50 trillion (IDR 25 Trillion earmarked by Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati; this is an increase from IDR 19.02 trillion in 2019 by parties and candidates). moLotus is in trials and discussions with Indonesian operators and with nationwide reach and unique video formats, it emerges as a powerful tool maximizing interaction, voter education and engagement.

moLotus has a proven track record in successful election campaigns, including countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, United States, etc. and is effectively driving diverse campaign uses – fundraising, party manifesto, speeches, success stories, candidate profiles, voting instructions, reminders and more – supported by voice, video and visuals. See

moLotus online web portal allows Advertisers, Ad Agencies, and Resellers to tap into this opportunity. A complete campaign management facility is provided along with analytics and reporting. Tools for creating mgram videos are available; personalizing with mgram text is also possible.

Rich media formats – Videos, AV SlideShows, Showcases, Greetings, and Brochures provide high impact and flexibility.

Two-way Interactions via URL Click, SMS, USSD, mgram mms provide for superior campaign mechanics and dialogue with customers. Real-time interaction tracking allows advertisers to monitor campaign performance, and make data-driven decisions.

As the upcoming Indonesia election of 2024 approaches, brands, advertisers, resellers and agencies are encouraged to seize the vast mobile advertising opportunity by leveraging moLotus’s capacity and unique capability.

Minhaz Lokhandwala, Founder & CEO, Novosol, says that “This is a massive opportunity for Ad Agencies, Resellers, and Mobile Aggregators to offer Innovative and high ROI services to their clients, while also enhancing revenues and margins. We welcome questions, interest and signups.”

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