moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

Innovative Real Mobile Advertising via moLotus

Mobile advertising is undergoing a complete makeover. It’s not just about reaching as many consumers as possible, rather it’s about reaching the right audience at the right time and making large high-margin revenues, higher Customer Lifetime Value, and ARPU. The best way to do this is by switching over to a proven real mobile advertising platform.

Traditional direct marketing has witnessed major disruption with moLotus targeting the global $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity. Being responsive and spam-free, moLotus advertising outperforms social media advertising that is cluttered with skippable/non-skippable and non-responsive ad content. Unlike social & search advertising, moLotus advertising is cost-effective and spam-free that grabs instant attention enables customer interaction and ensures rapid returns.

Here are some of the unique moLotus capabilities which distinguish it from its distant and not-so-effective counterparts – Mobile Web, In-App, OTT, and Social Media.

1. No App, No data charges for recipients

moLotus advertising is independent of any app download or data charges to recipients. It is also spam-free advertising. In-App, OTT, Mobile Web, and Social Media Ads reach them via downloads with data charges being applicable.

2. Extensive Reach

moLotus delivers ads to a huge customer database quickly & directly into their inbox on all mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model. Traditional advertising reaches a limited audience only via app/software downloads.

3. Hyper-personalization

moLotus advertising provides hyper-personalization leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time customer data, to tailor the brand’s message exclusively on customer name, unique code, and any other relevant customer data. In-App, OTT, etc. are still primitive towards personalization.

4. Scalability

Advertisers can target a massive customer base, according to individual consumers’ tastes, geographic location, language, etc. via moLotus advertising. Traditional advertising media lack scalability, being restricted to their own user-base.

5. Interaction

moLotus advertising strikes a two-way brand-customer contextual conversation. Unlike the other traditional channels, it offers multiple customer response options like structured CTAs (call, message, and more).

6. Visibility

In-App, OTT, Mobile Web, and Social Media Ads are intrusive with ill-timed pop-ups, poor placements, controls, and visibility. Consumers choose to install ad blockers preventing them from viewing ads. moLotus ads however stand out visually in customers’ messages inbox and do not get deleted automatically. It also does not require any app or data plan.

7. Automation

moLotus serves as a comprehensive automation platform having automation API. moLotus can automate the entire customer-related process right from lead generation, customer onboarding, customer support, loyalty, feedback, and more.

Even during these challenging times, moLotus advertising is contributing significantly towards the efforts of advertisers to acquire, engage and retain customers and is expected to become the primary mode of mobile advertising, offering high conversions and advertising ROI.

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