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moLotus Shadow Marketing uplifts Telco ARPU

Shadow Marketing is about cutting corners with marketing activities when a brand cannot execute its campaigns easily and cost-effectively. moLotus Shadow Marketing simplifies, hastens, and upscales the delivery of marketing campaigns for brands with minimum costs involved.

Telcos have been relying on multiple marketing channels like SMS, social media, email, etc. for running their advertising campaigns. The outcome being high costs and less ROI. moLotus Shadow Marketing has given respite to the Telcos from the burgeoning costs by executing the same advertising campaigns at reduced costs and higher ARPU.

1. Enhance ARPU

Offering a potential increase of 2% in ARPU, moLotus Shadow Marketing is executing existing campaigns and offers for Telcos via moLotus Video Interactive Platform. Video and easy interaction result in higher response and conversion rates. This reflects in higher ARPU and maximum customer potential.

Enterprise and Customer Revenues for Telcos –

2. Better Loyalty & Customer Retention

Subscribers look forward to being “rewarded” which keeps them enticed. moLotus has made customer loyalty and retention more achievable by making it more personalized, automated, spam-free, targeted, and scalable. One-to-one customer interactions are also possible across segments resulting in an increase in ARPU. moLotus offers hyper-personalized greeting campaigns for special occasions like Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, etc. Global brands like CIMB Bank, Celcom, TM, Indosat Ooredoo, Sun Life, etc. have delivered their reward-based ad content via moLotus at minimum costs and securing high revenues.

CIMB Sun Life Birthday Loyalty Campaign-
Sun Life wishes Selamat Hari Raya Campaign –

3. Maximize CLVM

Customers are considered to be long-term strategic assets. Undoubtedly, generating leads and acquiring new customers is an expensive process.  Therefore, brands and Telcos are keen on increasing the lifetime value of customers. Several brands like AIA, Proton, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Tata, etc. have embarked on moLotus to deliver content intended to increase customer lifetime value. The Loyalty Campaigns, Special Offers, Mobile Digital Loyalty Cards, Customer On-boarding Campaigns, etc., are a few examples of moLotus Shadow Marketing capabilities.

AIA Kids Insurance Promo Campaign –
Proton Thank You for Your Patronage Campaign –

4. Upselling & Cross-selling Opportunities

Cross-selling and upselling are vital for increasing sales for Marketers. moLotus Shadow Marketing empowers marketers to deliver ads meant to upsell and cross-sell the products and services to customers across the globe. Brands like Dell, Panasonic, Airtel, Prudential, L’Oreal, etc. have increased sales volume and profits by sending the upselling and cross-selling ad content to the selected customers easily and effectively via moLotus.

Dell Pro Support Plus (Up-selling) –
Airtel DTH Campaign (Cross-selling) –

moLotus, with these unique and exciting campaign creation opportunities, is assisting Telco brands across the globe like Airtel, Indosat, Vodafone, Celcom, Digi, etc. to achieve extraordinary feats by uplifting ARPU even amidst the ongoing pandemic. It’s the right time to embrace moLotus Shadow Marketing.

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