moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

Unique moLotus technology unlocks the fastest revenue opportunities for Telcos

Mobile advertising has become the fastest growing revenue segment with global mobile ad spending expected to reach a record of USD 327.1 billion by the end of 2022. This figure marks an increase of 20 percent compared to the previous year. The spending is projected to reach nearly USD 399.6 billion by 2024 (Source : Statista).

Telcos are yet to participate in the growing revenue opportunities presented by mobile advertising. The best way for them to take advantage of this mobile revolution is by switching over to moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform and technology; offering a ready-made solution to kickstart with the revenue generation opportunity within just 3 months.

The breakthrough technology has entered into ”Win-Win Partnership” with global Telcos like Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson, Vodafone, Celcom, and Airtel creating new revenue streams via moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform and its unique “3 months go-to-market” strategy.

moLotus is a GSM-based technology that reaches out to the message box of all mobile handsets irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphone, i-phones, and feature phones; rendering fast on 95% of the handsets. No App, no Data Plan involved. The technology offers easy interaction options like SMS, USSD, Call, Web Click etc. with multiple media formats including HQ Video (upto 40 sec.), Slideshow, Showcase, Brochure, and Greeting.

Telecom Operators are harnessing the subscriber monetization capability of moLotus – a Big Data Application. moLotus is delivering hyper-personalized, interactive, automated, globally scalable, multimedia mobile ad campaigns to all the subscribers. It uses Telco customer data to target customers via personalized offers and event greetings including birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, etc. The campaigns can be customized according to the business criteria, languages, demography, etc. reaching the massive customer data rapidly.

moLotus is working closely with the Telco B2B Teams reaching out to their enterprise clients. The brands including Suzuki, DBS, HSBC, Amazon, Dell, Samsung and others popular names across the industry verticals like Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Government, etc. have used moLotus innovative mobile advertising campaigns to achieve high-margin revenues.

moLotus is assisting brands and Telcos in executing innovative campaigns for brand awareness, customer acquisition, customer retention, loyalty, upselling, cross-selling, lead generation, and more leading to better conversions, deep customer insights and advertising ROI. The campaign management process is fully automated with easy conversion, tracking, realtime reports & analytics, revenue management and much more. It simplifies, hastens, and upscales the campaign delivery with minimum costs involved.

In addition to mobile advertising benefits, moLotus offers several strategic benefits to Telcos in the form of 100x ROI, high ARPU, innovation, transformation, agility, and cost savings. With smartphone adoption and mobile usage at an all-time high, it is the right time for brands to devote larger budgets to mobile advertising.

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