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moLotus Breakthrough Transformations – Building Digital Success

Consumer needs are continuously evolving and demand for better products & services from brands and telcos are on the rise. 2021 has been a transformational year for them. Most of them are accelerating digitization of customer processes embracing moLotus breakthrough transformations. The moLotus ‘Big Technology’ is now an integral part of their digitization strategy, and its importance has picked up pace in 2022. It is targeting the emerging $1.3 Trillion Digitalization opportunities together with 5G plus and Transformation (Source: Ericsson & Arthur D. Little).

The ‘Big Technology’ is fuelling ‘Big Transformations’ at various telcos & brands offering following ‘Big Benefits’ :

Large Revenue Generation

moLotus breakthrough transformation makes intelligent revenue more achievable for brands and telcos by unifying the technology to customer processes. They are operating more efficiently and growing top-line revenue without sacrificing bottom-line margins. The technology is generating 100x ROI by uplifting ARPU and CLV by 2% for telcos.

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High Conversion Rates 

moLotus transforms and simplifies customer processes infusing conversions. Earlier verticals like banking and insurance were experiencing conversion rates as low as 30% or even below due to the manual legacy processes like filling & document submission, contract renewals, reminders, etc. With the adoption of moLotus they are enjoying hassle-free processes with conversions reaching upto 30% and that too at reduced time.

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Huge Cost Reduction – Outbound, Printing & more

By digitizing manpower-intensive processes via moLotus, brands & telcos have reduced their outbound costs up to 30%. The moLotus transformation models offer significant cost minimization opportunities via automation. moLotus automation has reduced their staffing, telemarketing, training, printing, distribution, compliance, etc. costs.

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More Customer Acquisition

moLotus breakthrough transformation is fast replacing voice-based contact centers and selling processes with automated mobile-based processes. These transformation models have led to more leads, immediate offers & sales closures with greater efficiency for brands and telcos. moLotus powered digital acquisition models like mobile customer onboarding ensure sustainable and systematic flow of new customers.

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Superior Customer Loyalty & Retention

For brands and telcos customer loyalty and retention is more achievable via moLotus transformation technology. The technology has transformed customer support systems for engaging convenience and speed-driven consumers. Brands can now serve their customers on mobile devices. moLotus provides hyper-personalized communication for events, digital rewards, reminders, FAQs, how-to, real-time customer ratings, feedback via mobile, mobile loyalty cards and many more.

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More and more brands are efficiently implementing moLotus transformation technology into their businesses. moLotus is working closely with telcos like Airtel, Indosat, Vodafone, Celcom, Digi, etc. and all industry verticals across geographies at every stage of their digital transformation journey. Amidst the pandemic upheavals, the ‘Big Technology’ offers the best way to scope, scale and lead the digital transformation delivering faster ROI, high ARPU and profits.

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