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moLotus Transforms Business, Customer Processes & Profits

In spite of the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and extensive mobile usage across the globe, telcos face a major challenge in improving their Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and Customer Lifetime Value. Increased competition among operators, service saturation, cannibalization, and threat from OTT players are significantly impacting telcos in terms of revenue realization, enhancing lifetime value, and reducing churn.

moLotus has come as a breakthrough solution to the challenged telcos. moLotus pioneered digital disruption, has revolutionized the way leading operators and brands manage customer lifecycle and generate high margin revenues. Following moLotus driven strategies have gone a long way in assuring them a high ARPU with enhanced Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV).

Increase ARPU

Leading operators have increased ARPU through enhanced customer support & feedbackmoLotus has revolutionized the way they can serve their customers. It guarantees real-time customer ratings and feedback for different service issues, enabling operators to analyze and improve upon. Having access to the gold mine of customer data, telcos are in a position to create messages with customer names and other relevant information via moLotus powered hyper-personalized campaigns. For instance, the stellar telco brands have run long-term automated campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, renewals, and festival greetings — personalized with a name, customer id, etc. These campaigns have been key-contributors to driving ARPU. Further, in order to improve their falling ARPUs, telecom brands can leverage and optimize their existing infrastructure via moLotus platform and can significantly augment their existing as well as new revenue streams globally.

Enhance Marketing ROI

Dynamic telcos put marketing ROI upfront and moLotus assists them to stand by it. The platform is capable of scaling ROI via easy campaign creation, database management, response management, reports & analytics, transformation, and automation API. The moLotus enterprise revenue eco-system allows the stake-holders (i.e., sales team, resellers, aggregators, etc.) to earn, book, and track revenue via various extensive and detailed revenue-reports. With powerful automation capabilities for real-time event-based interaction, and smart marketing features like customer onboardingmobile document delivery & submission, etc. moLotus is strategically driving ROI via breakthrough transformation for leading telco brands across Asia.

Enhance Customer’s Value & Profitability

moLotus spearheads all the stages of the customer lifetime value management process. Starting with customer acquisition, the platform assists brands in exposure, awarenesscross-selling, upselling, and lead generationBusiness support gets improved with customer education and timely reminders. For instance, top-performing telcos have enhanced customer loyalty & retention via moLotus facilitated loyalty programmes and co-branded campaigns.

Reduce Cost

With cost reduction becoming an inherent core competence for operators, all eyes are on moLotus which is offering significant cost minimization opportunities by automating and digitizing business processes. Telco brands are now well-equipped to cut costs by reducing headcounts in call centre processes. They are unleashing the cost-cutting potential of moLotus to bringing down the headcounts significantly, together with training, printing, and delivery costs by automating and transforming various customer-related processes.

Undeniably, marquee brands like Samsung, L’Oreal, Standard Chartered Bank, Prudential BSN, Proton, etc. and the early adopter and innovative telcos like Indosat Ooredoo, Vodafone, Airtel, etc. have used moLotus to increase CLV and improve ARPU. As digital disruption is becoming a common aspect of the entire industry, all telco brands should identify their assets, core competencies, differentiators, and adopt strategies for the digital ecosystem both from business and technology standpoint. It’s the right time to embrace moLotus. Better days ahead for the industry!

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