moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

Novosol-Indosat alliance opens up new lead generation and revenue opportunity for brands

Novosol is closely working with Indosat Ooredoo and several international operators that are entering into the mobile advertising space, targeting the $400 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity and $1.7 Trillion Global Marketing and Advertising Spend.

Novosol, a unique mobile advertising technology company, is creating significant value for global brands like Suzuki, Dell, Standard Chartered, Panasonic, CIMB, and others with the exceptional ‘Leads Generation’ campaigns via moLotus, a breakthrough mobile video customer interaction platform.

moLotus’s big data capabilities combined with smart targeting and analytic algorithms; partner-data generated leads with high conversion rates that get rapid revenue and/or new customers for brands and telcos.

Recently, Novosol in collaboration with Indosat Ooredoo, has launched iAds-MGram powered by moLotus for Indonesian customers and advertisers. The service holds tremendous revenue potential given the Indonesian IDR 122 Trillion (USD 8.3 Billion) advertising spend. This unique win-win partnership is enabling both parties to expand the service across the subscribers and advertisers. Novosol is contributing its cutting-edge platform, business know-how, technical support, and marketing collateral. Indosat is leveraging its infrastructure, salesforce, existing clients, and subscriber base. Novosol is closely working with Indosat and several international operators, entering into the mobile advertising space, targeting the $400 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity (Source: Statista) and $1.7 Trillion Global Marketing & Advertising Spend (Source: PWC).

The lead generation capabilities of moLotus mgram ads are enhanced by a gamut of smart features like hyper-personalization, customization, interactivity, scalability, automation, integration, and more. Offering up to 40-sec videos and 5 rich media formats – the customer acquisition and revenue generation opportunities for brands are endless. Aside from lead generation, moLotus mgram is widely used for brand promotion, upselling, cross-selling, customer loyalty and retention, process transformation, and more.

moLotus is a globally scalable platform, catering to thousands of brands globally covering all industry verticals from Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Automobile, Healthcare, Telecom to Government Sectors. Novosol, already having offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia is growing steadfastly, penetrating new markets globally. Offering explosive returns, it has positioned itself as a favorable investment destination for VCs and global investors.