moLotus Transforms customer Interaction

Novosol Story

The key ideas and technology behind Novosol were conceived back in the early 2000’s when our CEO was architecting and implementing large turnkey projects at Asian and Latin American telcos. These include the first 3G networks and mobile content solutions. It was clear that mobile everything was the future, and video and interaction were the keys.

Fast Forward 10 years, and Novosol is born. Having received a Series A funding, Novosol is investing in enhancing mobile video, creating new formats and build a globally scalable video messaging platform. On the business end, we have been busy winning marquee clients, innovating new marketing and business use cases.

Now, with direct sales and global partnerships in the SEA markets, we are ready to expand our platform and revenue.


To create and market globally a personalized, superior (i.e. video, audio-visual), convenient (i.e. mobile, interactive), safe (permissioned, secure, PDPA compliant) customer engagement platform for merchants/brands that scales across marketing/business uses, and geographies so as to transform not only the customer/consumer communications but also brand/merchant operations while enhancing customer experience.


To emerge as a global leading player in Direct Customer Marketing & Engagement by building a world class global platform; a user-experience for consumers, advertisers and partners by emphasizing innovation and transformation that changes the way companies promote, sell, manage processes, engage their customers and maximize customer value.